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The Worldwide Network of Shias 

Generating 10-13 percent of the population of Muslims, the community of Shias is estimated to be made up of 130 to 200 million people. As in all the other minorities, a channel or a Shia directory through which the members of the community can stay in touch, plays a crucial role in helping them achieve their goals more easily.

SHIATENT has created a worldwide network of Shias where you can look through our Shia directory and  find the centers whose activities regard Shiism, authors who have publications in this field, events that Shias can take part in, links that you might be keen on checking or businesses that might be of your interest. Alongside keeping connected to the other members of the community, Shias can broaden their knowledge and share their views in this regard by reading and commenting on our blog posts.

          Your contribution to our website by presenting your activities or services can lead to a more thorough platform which benefits the whole community of Shias.