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Apr 17
15th of Ramadan

The 15th of Ramadan is the birthday of Imam Hassan Mujtaba, the second Imam, the eldest grandson of the Prophet and the eldest son of Imam Ali and Lady Fatima. ‘Mujtaba’, ‘Ameen’, and ‘Tagi’ run among his titles. He was born in Medina on the night of the fifteenth of Raman in third year of […]

Aug 09
Muharram celebration among the Ismailis

Ismailism is a sect of Shia Islam who believe the son of Imam Jafar (AS), Ismail ibn Jafar as the successor to him. Ismailis rose to power in Egypt during the 10th and 12th centuries during the rule of Fatimid Caliphate, where Muharram celebration and Azadari of Imam Hussain (AS) became a common practice among […]

May 25
Shia Population Statistics in the World

Shia communities have always been seen as a minority which means that an overwhelming majority of Muslims are Sunnis and the Shia population statistics in the world prove that they generate about 10-13% percent of Muslims. It is estimated that there are between 154 million and 200 million Shia Muslims in the world today. Shia […]

May 16
How did Brent Become the Shia Mile of London

During years Brent has become the Shia mile of London and it has kept this title until now. This post is trying to give the reader a brief history on how this has happened by reviewing briefly the history of Shia community in Brent. Brent as the northern extension of Edgware Road became a location […]

May 11
Persian and Urdu speaking Shia community in Germany

The category of Persian and Urdu speaking Shia community in Germany is made up of three separate yet cooperative groups. Afghan Shia community in Germany: they participate in other Shia communities in Germany, especially in linguistically related Persian-speaking communities. There are also distinct Afghan communities, such as the one  which was visited during Ramadan 2015, […]

May 09
Arabic speaking Shia communities in Germany

There are many Iraqi and some Lebanese who form the Arabic Shia communities in Germany and they are especially active on religiously important days, such as during Muharram. These activities include hiring large assembly halls, mostly in industrial suburban areas of German cities, in order to provide services for their Shia community and for other […]

Apr 24
Shia-Sunni Ecumenism, History and Criticism in Brief

The Iraqi Shia scholar Muhammad al-Husayn Kasif al-Ghita (1877- 1953) is considered to be one of the pioneers of Shia-Sunni ecumenism in modern sense. He called for Islamic ecumenism during his speech at the World Islamic Congress on December 1931. Pertaining to the notion of taqrib (Sunni-Shia reconciliation), al-Gita said the following: “It should be […]