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Shia Centers in Australia

Shia centers in Australia can be found in many cities of the country serving the Shia community.

Many Shia centers in Australia are active these days although Islam in Australia is a minority religious association. As indicated by the 2016 Australian census, the consolidated number of individuals who self-recognized as Muslim in Australia, including a wide range of Islam, involved 604,200 individuals, or 2.6% of the aggregate Australian populace.

The vast majority of Muslims in Australia belong to the two major denominations of Islam, the Sunni and Shia denominations, with the followers of each of these further split along different Madh’hab (schools of thought).

The overwhelming majority of Muslims in Australia are considered Sunni Muslims, with approximately only 30,000 Shia Muslims in the country. However, as the Muslim population increased from 1.7 to 2.6 in ten years, it is safe to assume the Shias are roughly 10% of the Muslims in Australia and totaling 0.3% of people in Australia. As a result Shia centers in Autralia are representatives of a minority within a minority.

Most Australian Muslims are Sunni, with Shia then Sufi and Ahmadiyya, Bektashis, Alawis and Druze as minorities.

The Shia denomination of Islam is centered in the St George, Campbell town, Fairfield, Auburn and Liverpool regions of Sydney, with the al-Zahra Mosque, built in Arncliffe in 1983, and the Al-Rasool Al-A’dham Mosque serves the region in Banks town. In 2008, the mainstream Shia community numbered 30,000 followers nationally.

In October 2004 Sheikh Mansour Leghaei established the Imam Hasan Centre in Annangrove, NSW. In November 2014, up to 3,000 Shia Muslims marched in Sydney on the annual Ashura Procession to mark the death of the prophet’s grandson. In November 2015 there was Ashura march in Sydney and a Victorian school observed Muharram.

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