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Shia centers in Britain were created and expanded all over the country after this country experienced Islam within the Middle ‎East and ‎India. After centuries of exploitation, a small group of the people of this region, who were mostly ‎sailors constantly traveling to Britain, managed to migrate to the island. They lived, married, and ‎settled in cities such as Liverpool, Glasgow, and Cardiff. ‎ During the twentieth century, Muslims from Africa migrated to Europe, some of which found ‎themselves in England. Most of these migrators were given British citizenship. ‎

Shia centers in Britain are built mostly by Shias who make up approximately fifteen percent of the estimated 2.8 million Muslims living in ‎the UK, and come from a range of backgrounds including South Asian, East African, Iranian, Iraqi, ‎Afghani, Lebanese, Bahraini, Saudi Arabian, and Yemeni. ‎

‎ Another significant gathering of the Shia in Britain is classified “Twelver Shi’a Khoja”. They ‎are settled ‎in London, Birmingham, Lester, Manchester, Peterborough, Leeds, Wessex, Moston, ‎Milton, etc. ‎With a population of 5000, the Twelver Shi’a Khojas of London make the greatest society ‎of Twelver ‎Shi’a Khojas.

Several Shia centers in Britain have been established and they have become gathering centers for Shi’a ceremonies, religious guidance, and addressing of their religious requests. These centers are involved in educational and propagation activities, charity, and specific religious ceremonies, such as Ramadan, Muharram etc. Some of the most famous centers in Britain are listed below:


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