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Apr 11
Shia Community in Britain: Religious Identity

The third part of the article “Fighting for “Justice”, Engaging the Other” focuses on the positive Shia religious identity. The first two parts were discussed in the previous two posts of our blog. On the one hand, such attempts by Shia students to engage the wider non-Muslim student body should be understood as contributing to […]

Apr 06
Increasing the visibility of Shia Community in British Universities

The second part of the article “Fighting for “Justice”, engaging the other” focuses on the difficulties students from Shia community in British universities come across when they want Shiism to be seen more. The first part of this article was discussed in the previous post. For practicing Shiism in Britain, there are a number of […]

Apr 04
Shia Community Engaging Other Muslims in British Universities

Shiism and sectarianism: Emanuelle Degli Esposti and Alison Scott-Baumann in their paper, fighting for “Justice”, engaging the other: Shia Muslim Activism on the British University Campus, have charted the emergence and evolution of Shia Islamic societies on British university campuses from spaces of minority representation to platforms for public engagement and activism. In particular, they […]

Mar 16
King and the Sage

On his way to Khurassan, through every city where Nasir ud-Din Shah passed, the people from different walks of society usually came to welcome him on his visit and say farewell on his departure, and they used to accompany him to the door. When he reached Sabziwar, all the inhabitants went to welcome and visit […]

Mar 16
A Glance at the concept of commitment in Shia community

Reformist British South Asian Twelver Shia Muslims emphasize practicing Shia Islam in daily life beyond the month of Muharram by living a piety-led life; they encourage their followers to ‘become’ a Shia Muslim rather than just ‘being’ one. The reformist British South Asian Shia ulama, mostly trained in Shia seminaries based in Qom and Najaf, […]

Mar 13
A Brief History of Spread of Shiism in Europe

The presence of Muslims in Europe is not a new phenomenon and goes back to the time of Muslim occupation of al-Andalus which was th start point of the spread of Shiism in Europe. It also has roots in the expansion of the Ottoman Empire into Europe as well as European colonization of various Muslim […]