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Category: History

What we can see in this category is mostly about the history of Shiism and its spread around the world.

Jun 13
Shiism in Nigeria: Creation

Most of the scholars of Islamic movements in Nigeria tend to erroneously believe that Shiism in Nigeria is a result of the Iranian Revolution of 1979. There has been a passive Shia community in northern Nigeria since the early colonial period. Lebanese traders were the first Shia community in northern Nigeria and they constituted an […]

Jun 06
Shia Community in Lebanon: History

The emergence of Shia community in Lebanon can be traced back to the 7th century AD and the first Arab conquests. Their numbers were very limited and they were mainly concentrated in the Kessrouan region, a Maronite population center today. Immigration: Shia immigration would remain important in the following centuries as these minority populations of […]

May 18
The History of Shiism in Azerbaijan

To know more about the history of Shiism in Azerbaijan we need to know some basic facts about Shiism itself. As we know, Shia Islam has several branches, like Zaydiyya (Fiver Shia Islam), Ismaili (Sevener Shia Islam), Isna Ashari (Twelver), Alawits etc. Most Azerbaijani Muslims belong to Twelver Shia Islam, based on Jafari Madhab, the […]

Apr 13
Shia Community in Afghanistan: Hazaras

The Hazara people are commonly defined as an ethno-linguistic group from central Afghanistan that is Persian-speaking and adherent of the Shia Islam or Ismaili sect of Islam which makes them a major part of the Shia Community in Afghanistan. Population estimates range from 2.5 to 5 million, representing 9 to 18 percent of the population […]

Mar 13
A Brief History of Spread of Shiism in Europe

The presence of Muslims in Europe is not a new phenomenon and goes back to the time of Muslim occupation of al-Andalus which was th start point of the spread of Shiism in Europe. It also has roots in the expansion of the Ottoman Empire into Europe as well as European colonization of various Muslim […]