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Category: Shia ceremonies

Oct 20
Iraqi Shia Community in London

Iraqi Shia community in london   As we discussed in the previous post, Iraqi Shia community in London carry out a variety of activities some of which have already been covered. The remaining will be elaborated on in the following paragraphs.   Social Activities of Iraqi Shia community in London Signifiantly, as well as being […]

Sep 22
The History of Arbaeen and the walk from Najaf to Karbala

The history of Arbaeen walk is situated in early Islamic history. For Shia Muslims, the Battle of Karbala is the seminal event that inspires the Arbaeen pilgrimage in Iraq. During the reign of Umayyad Caliph Yazid, Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) grandson Imam Husayn (AS) was beheaded by the Umayyad army at the plains of Karbala. Forty […]

Sep 22
The Walk of Arbaeen

The Importance of Arbaeen Walk In 680 AD, Imam Husayn (AS) and his companions were massacred by the Umayyad army at Karbala on tenth of Muharram, a day known as ‘Ashura’, commemorated every year by Shia Muslims. Forty days after Ashura, Shia Muslims also mark the day every year when they perform the pilgrimage on […]

Aug 30
Pilgrimage among the Twelvers

The Ithna-Ashariyya Muslims who follow the Twelve Imams compose the largest group of Shia, existing in large numbers in Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, and Bahrain, with smaller numbers in many other Muslim-majority countries as well as minority communities in North America and Europe. They are referred to as Twelvers or Ithna-Ashariyya because of their […]

Aug 24
Alevi Houses of Worship; Cemevi

The Cemevis Introduction According to this branch of Shiism, the cemevis are Alevi houses of worship that have significant importance in Alevi Islam. A cemevi literally means “a house of gathering” that usually is a place for gatherings of Alevis where men and women hold the traditional worship ceremony called ‘cem’, a paradigm of Prophet […]

Aug 16
Pilgrimage among Ismailis

Origins of Pilgrimage among Shias Pilgrimage among Ismailis can be seen as a part of Shia pilgrimage which begins with the story of Karbala, an event largely focused on the sacrifice of bodies and the miracles associated with the martyrs. Stories about his head and its miraculous powers reflect the reverence Shi‘i Muslims have for […]

Aug 09
Ashura Celebrations

Ashura is a light to guide mankind from darkness to clarity and a safe ship in every horrible storm knowing this the importance of Ashura celebrations is undeniable. This wonderful event is a portray of excellence of spirit and ethics, mysticism, love, faith, purity, social integration and privacy protection as well as all precious beliefs […]

Aug 07
Ashura Festival among Alevis

The Alevis is a sect of Shia Islam who follow the teaching of Twelve Imams and the mystic Haji Bektash Vali. They are mainly based in Turkey and follow rituals and beliefs that are similar to that of the Twelver Shias like the importance of the family of Propet (PBUH), mourning in the month of […]