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The Bilal Muslim mission is an organization of Ithna Asheri Shias, established by Hussein Nasser Walji and Syed Saeed Akhtar Rizvi in 1964. This organization has established five different missions in Kenya, Tanzania, America and Scandinavia. The Mission’s name is taken from an African companion of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Hazrat Bilal ibn Ribah.


The Bilal Muslim mission has established its centers in the Kenyan cities of Mtongwe, Burani, Moyeni, Bahakanda, Miamba, Kichakamkwaju, Shimoni, Samburu, Chengoni, Mackion Road, Demwa and Mwasafu, apart from its centers in Moshi, Tanzania and Marlborough, Connecticut, USA.

International Recognition

The Mission is a part of the World Federation of KSI Muslim Communities, an international organization for Ithna Asheri Shia migrants from Africa in the UK and Canada. The Mission is also recognized by the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs.


  • The centers have undertaken charitable activities to counter the problems of poverty in African villages.
  • They have also undertaken various relief works to solve the drought, lack of adequate water and sanitation facilities.
  • The centers distribute various books to eradicate illiteracy.
  • They also provide religious aid to the communities of African people living in Europe and the Americas.
  • The Mission has also been able to lead people to embrace and follow true Islamic beliefs successfully.


The centers have also published various books on different topics. About 57 books have been published in English and 51 in Swahili. Some of these books include:

  • Fadak
  • Fast
  • God: An Islamic Perspective
  • Day of Judgement
  • Imamate: The vicegerency of the Holy Prophet
  • Hijab: The Dress of Modesty in Islam
  • Family Life of Islam
  • Need of Religion
  • Sects of Islam
  • Taqiyah
  • The Holy Prophet
  • Meaning and Origin of Shi’ism
  • Justice of God
  • The Return of Al Mahdi
  • What a Muslim should know and believe

Two bi-monthly magazines are also published by the Mission named Sauti ya Bilal (The voice of Bilal) in Swahili and ‘The Light’ since 1963.


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