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This Shia foundation in the UK runs Services as following:
1. Thursday and Friday prayer facilities
2. Marriage counselling and Islamic Marriage services
3. Islamic Death and Burial services
4. Drug counselling
5. Welfare and social support in the UK and abroad.
6. Health and Sport Activities (Gym)
7. Social Events
8. International Projects e.g.:
a. Maqadas Batoul welfare providing fresh water (wells and water pumps) to widows and orphans of Kallar Sayeds
d. Pakistan Flood Appeal (Life line boxes)
e. Support to the Victims of Terrorist attacks (widows and orphans in Pakistan and Iraq)
f. Humanitarian Aid/support to Haiti
9. Teaching Persian (Farsi) language to children
10. English lectures on Theology, Philosophy and Political analysis
11. Regular conferences and Seminars on Theology
12. Study support to International and Home University students:
a. Daily pray (Namaz) and Jumma
b. Domestic Energy advice /Energy Management (Free)
13. Ansar-e-Hussain (A.S.) (Arabic society)
14. Weekly Arabic Religious and Social Events
15. Nottingham University Iranian Society
16. Weekly Farsi (Persian Language) Religious and Social event
17. Urdu language Religious and Social events

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