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The programs of this Shia center in Windsor:

1. Holding Salah al-jama'ah and Friday Salah in the mosque.2.The Imam Hussain (AS) Howza, which depends on the Hawzavi curricula in Najaf and Qom.3.Holding Prayer gatherings like Komeyl, tavassol, ... . 4.A weekly religious school (every Saturday) in Arabic and English to teach religion, the Holy Quran and the Arabic language.5."Imam Ali bin Musa Al-Reda (A.S)" Institute for memorizing the Holy Quran. 6.Weekly meetings to teach Shi'a beliefs and jurisprudence in English and Arabic on Saturday evenings. 7.Reviving religious events such as Eids, Ahlul-Bayt's (PBUT) Wiladah and Shahadah ... . 8.Participation in resolving family disputes, and conducting legal marriage contracts. 9.Publication of a monthly bulletin in which there are the timing of prayers and Islamic events and Ahlul-Bayt's (PBUT) occasions and jurisprudencial issues..10.Setting up summer religious entertainment programs for young men and women.11.Holding annual seminars and conferences.12.Setting up religious plays about the lives of Ahlul-Bayt (PBUT) in English and Arabic.

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