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The Islamic Shia Center of America is one of North America’s oldest institutions and the largest Shia mosque in USA. Established in 1963, the Islamic Center has been serving the needs of Muslims in the greater Detroit area as well as throughout the United States. The Islamic Center of America has a long a rich past that embodies the American Muslim Community’s search, struggle and triumph to find a place to belong. The story begins in 1949, when Imam Jawad Chirri, a man who could not speak or understand English came to America at the request of a small group of people who where yearning for Islamic guidance. It culminates as an Islamic Center that has become more than a place of worship but an Institution and a beacon for Islam in North America.

The Islamic Shia center of America try to Converting people to Islam and holds : Jama’a Prayer, Daily Prayer, Maya school, Seniors Program .....

Many committees are running the place and each one has its own head. The information about the leader of this Shia mosque in USA can be found on the related listing on our Shia directory.

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