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This Nonprofit Organization is an Islamic center in Kalamazoo West Michigan.  This Shia Islamic center in Michigan is Founded in 2010, the WMIC in Kalamazoo and it is the home to Hussainiat Ahulul Bait that served the local Muslim community for over two decades.

Holding daily Sala -Holding Shi'i ceremonieS, reciting prayers gatherings, Eid celebrations etc, -Arranging various entertainment programmes with Islamic theme such as amusing trips and cultural competitions, -Organizing educational programmes and reinforcement classes in addition to short courses in computer and photography, -Arranging religious programmes like teaching Salah and Quran specially to non-Arabic speakers, -Holding religious seminars to introduce the true Islam and Ahlul-Bayt's thoughts to non-Muslims, -The center hosts all special social events from celebrations and funerals, -This youths' center is composed of people from different nationalities for doing social charitiy and welfare.

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