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Shias in Sweden


The Muslim population of Sweden is estimated at between 250,000 and 400,000, representing between 1.8 and 4.4 per cent of the Swedish population (around 9 million people). Shia centers in Sweden serve about 20-40% of the Muslim population in this country who are Shias.[1]

Shia Muslims account for an important share of Muslims in Sweden, yet have largely been neglected by researchers, journalists and government institutions.[2]


The first Shia Muslims in Sweden came to the small town of Trollhättan to work for the automobile manufacturer Saab after fleeing from Uganda and Idi Amin’s regime. Since then, various Shia centers in Sweden has been established by Shias from for example Afghanistan, Lebanon, Iraq, India, Pakistan and Iran.[3]

In the 1990s Shia Muslim community organizations were set up, for example in Stockholm. The end of the 1990s saw the number of Shia Muslims, predominantly of an Iranian background, in Sweden estimated as being approximately 60,000 people.[4]


The Imam Ali Mosque (Swedish: Imam Ali moské), is the largest Shia Muslim mosque in the country located in Järfälla Municipality, Stockholm County, Sweden. Yet there are other Shia centers in this country as they are listed below:


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