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May 02
Cultural aspects of the Dawoodi Bohras Life

Dawoodi Bohra Shia Muslims trace their heritage to the Fatimi Imams, direct descendants of the Prophet Mohammed, in Egypt and this fact affects the cultural aspects of the Dawoodi Bohras life significantly. The Dawoodi Bohras all through the world are guided by their leader called “al-dai al-mutlaq” (unrestricted missionary), who first operated from Yemen and then, […]

Apr 23
Dargah-e- Hakimi, Dahwoodi Bohras Pilgrimage Site

Dargah is a shrine or tomb built over the grave of a revered religious figure, usually a Shia saint or dervish. Shias often visit the shrine for Ziyarat, a term associated with religious visits and “pilgrimages”. Dargahs are often associated with the pilgrims’ eating and meeting rooms and hostels. They usually include other buildings for community purposes, such as a mosque, meeting rooms, Islamic religious schools […]

Apr 17
15th of Ramadan

The 15th of Ramadan is the birthday of Imam Hassan Mujtaba, the second Imam, the eldest grandson of the Prophet and the eldest son of Imam Ali and Lady Fatima. ‘Mujtaba’, ‘Ameen’, and ‘Tagi’ run among his titles. He was born in Medina on the night of the fifteenth of Raman in third year of […]


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