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Apr 06
The Organization of the Dawoodi Bohras (part 1)

The Dawoodi (Da’udi) Bohras are a religious sect of the Isma’ilis who are the second biggest branch of Shia Islam. The organization of the Dawoodi Bohras is affected by the fact that they are typically self-reliant traders, businesspersons, and entrepreneurs who have their specific hierarchy for managing their community. The organization of the Da’udi Bohras is based on the pattern […]

Apr 06
Iftar traditions among Dawoodi Bohras

The Iftar traditions among Dawoodi Bohras is unique and different from many other customs during the month of Ramadan. While most Muslims break their fast with dates and water, the Bohra community starts all edibles – even sweets – with a little salt which they believe gives protection from numerous illnesses. Each year and every […]

Feb 21
The Characteristics that made Imam Ali Unique

In the previous articles, we mentioned some of the special characteristics that made Imam Ali unique. In this article we will discuss a few more of his unique virtues: ‎ ‎- Ali’s generosity: Ali (AS) would do manual labor while fasting and provide his wages to the needy. He ‎would give his own Iftaar (food […]


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