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Category: Shia Community

Dec 22
Shias’ Social Activities in USA

The Shia Community and Civic Engagement in America Shias social activities in USA is affected by their double consciousness as they navigate between a homeland and an American mentality. One important way of doing this is to engage in civic responsibility. Civic engagement is an important way of escaping marginalization, of feeling at home in […]

Dec 20
Shia Centers in America (USA)

As we said before, many active Shia centers in America (USA) s have started working there since 1970s. An early Shi’a institute was the Tahrike Tarsile Qur’an (TTQ). Established in New York in 1978, TTQ has the specific aim of publishing copies of the Qur’an, which are distributed to different parts of the world, including […]

Dec 15
Shia Centers in Canada

Shia centers in Canada According to Canada’s 2001 census, there were 579,740 Muslims in Canada, just under 2% of the population. In 2006, the Muslim population was estimated to be 0.8 million or about 2.6%. In 2010, the Pew Research Center estimates there were about 940,000 Muslims in Canada. About 65% were Sunni, while 15% […]

Dec 13
Shias’ Contribution to Interfaith Dialogue in USA

Increasingly, after the events of 9/11, Americans have become aware that Islam in America is not a monolithic entity and that there are many dividing lines within the Muslim community. They know that Muslims hold a variety of opinions on a great number of issues, and they want to hear a wider range of Muslim […]

Dec 08
shia centers in Sweden

Shias in Sweden Demographics: The Muslim population of Sweden is estimated at between 250,000 and 400,000, representing between 1.8 and 4.4 per cent of the Swedish population (around 9 million people). Shia centers in Sweden serve about 20-40% of the Muslim population in this country who are Shias.[1] Shia Muslims account for an important share […]

Dec 06
Shia Interactions with Non-Muslim Communities in America

Shia Interactions with Non-Muslim Communities in America Shia interactions with non-Muslim communities in America used to be limited before the events of 11 September even though the Shia community has been present in America since the late nineteenth century. However, since then, Shias have recognized that they cannot afford to live in impregnable fortresses and […]

Dec 01
Shiism in the Black Community of USA

Why do some African Americans find Shiism appealing? Here are some of its reasons: The spirit of resistance and opposition to tyranny Because it was considered to be “the other” Islam gave many African Americans a new identity. But Shiism in particular had a special appeal for many in the black community. Since it has […]

Nov 29
History of African American Shias

The history of African American Shias has its roots in the strong relationship this community has had with Islam long before and independent of immigrant Muslims. In its early history, Black Islam in America was characterized by the presence of charismatic leaders who led ideological and resistant movements against white America. The presence of such […]

Nov 27
Shia Outreach Activities In USA

Shia Muslims form about 15-20 percent of the overall Muslim population in Americas who are less than 1% of the country population. The Lebanese and Iraqi communities are the largest ethnic groups from the over-30,000 Shia population to have moved in metro Detroit area. The Greater Detroit area is home to one of the largest, […]

Nov 22
Shia Centers in Australia

Many Shia centers in Australia are active these days although Islam in Australia is a minority religious association. As indicated by the 2016 Australian census, the consolidated number of individuals who self-recognized as Muslim in Australia, including a wide range of Islam, involved 604,200 individuals, or 2.6% of the aggregate Australian populace. The vast majority […]