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As we said before, many active Shia centers in America (USA) s have started working there since 1970s. An early Shi’a institute was the Tahrike Tarsile Qur’an (TTQ). Established in New York in 1978, TTQ has the specific aim of publishing copies of the Qur’an, which are distributed to different parts of the world, including in American prisons. TTQ’s founder, Aunali Khalfan, started the organization from his personal premises on a very modest scale. So far, TTQ has published thirty editions of the Qur’an, most of which have been sent to non-Muslims throughout the world.

Established in 1987, the Qur’an Account Inc. (QAI) was initially called the Islamic School System. QAI was founded in Washington D.C. by Dr. Hashim, a retired pediatrician from Iraq. Its primary focus has been to educate inmates in correctional facilities about Islam. Since the institute’s inception, Dr. Hashim has converted more than 6,300 people to Islam. The institute sends copies of the Qur’an and other books to various prisons, and has published the quarterly Bulletin of Affiliation for twenty-three years.

Another important Shia center in America is al-Khoei foundation in New York, which caters to both the Shia and non-Shia communities in America. In 1997, the foundation became the fourth Muslim organization—and the only Shia Muslim organization—to hold General Consultative Status in the United Nations, where it currently promotes work on human and minority rights. The foundation’s public relations officer teaches classes for imams to work on their communication skills. This is a part of a collaborative effort with Sunni organizations on a Good Practice Guide for Mosques and imams. Al-Khoei Foundation also corresponds with Shia inmates, interacts with DOCs to ameliorate the conditions of African American Shias in correctional facilities, and addresses their needs in New York.

Al-Khoei Foundation has an established daily Islamic school whose director, Shaykh Fadhil Sahlani, is a representative of Ayatullah Seestani designated to handle all matters, religious or otherwise. The foundation also has a state-of-the-art Islamic center where commemorative events are held regularly.

The Islamic Information Center (IIC) is a grassroots organization founded in 2003 to negate stereotypical images about Islam and the Muslim community. IIC is also engaged in interfaith dialogue and publishes articles and interviews on Islam. It publishes a bimonthly newsletter addressing issues that pertain to Islam and the Muslim world. Through educational and interfaith programs, IIC seeks to promote understanding and trust among people of all faiths and cultures.

Several Canadian-based Shia institutions also proselytize in the States. The Islamic Humanitarian Services (IHS) operates from Kitchener/Waterloo, in Ontario. The organization has published various books and engages in Da‘wa work in correctional facilities in America. IHS has also translated some important Shi’a works to English and has been involved in various humanitarian projects abroad.

Established in the mid-1990s in New York, the Bilal Muslim Mission of Americas now operates from Orlando, Florida. Initially, most of its outreach activities focused on Trinidad. BMMA tried to correct misconceptions about and promote a better understanding of Shiism especially during the month of Muharram when the Hussaini processions were held. BMMA responds to letters from inmates in various correctional facilities in the United States and sends them books on Islam.

There is more information available in the following links about the Shia centers in America (USA):


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